Dj Renigade

Brookeland, Texas Lake Sam Rayburn — United States
DJ Renigade is the moniker of blogger, pro-photographer and self-taught DJ, RM Stringer. Having been enmeshed in DJ-culture since his days as a high school drummer rocking out to classic club music, DJ Renigade works primarily in Soundforge, making use of DX/VST plug-ins versus the more traditional MIDI/keyboard set-up. Varied musical influences include The KLF, Pink Floyd, Skinny Puppy, and Front 242, and Classic Rock, he mixes music as much for self-expression and keeping his mind sharp as he does because it’s simply etched into his soul…

So please enjoy!

Idyllic realities:::Do Not Exist. 9/30/14

Idyllic realities:::Do Not Exist. The physical condition in which we live in is a very fragile and not built to last. What is it was? What would we do with unlimited time on this plane? Would we become the painter or artist we always wanted to be? Would we discover something that no one else has? Perhaps not because there would be no reason to do so. There would be no thoughts that have not been…

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